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Wills and Trusts

Are you an European Union citizen living in Romania? Or perhaps a dual national holding Romanian citizenship? Maybe you have assets in Romania? Did you know that under EU Regulation 650/2012, your estate can be dealt with under Romanian law?

The purpose of our Wills & Trusts practice is to help persons with cross-border assets, families and interests to plan ahead, so that their wishes are fully respected. We have a global view of estate law, through:

  • an updated library of estate law from most jurisdictions, with explanations as to how they work in practice;

  • a significant experience in estate planning for European royal families with cross-border and unusual estate structures, including trusts, fideicommissi, foundations and other legal vehicles for wealth protection;

  • a network of contacts throughout the European Union and the United States, who can help coordinate the planning so that your Will is valid everywhere that you need it to be.

The services that we offer include:

  • assessing your needs and translating them into legal language;​

  • studying the legal implications of the various types of assets that you care about, in their various jurisdictions;

  • drafting legal instruments and Wills proposals, in conjunction with partners abroad if needed;

  • organizing the correct authentication and registration of your Will, so that it is found and trusted when needed;

  • acting as your testamentary executor (for estates with assets in Romania).

For Trusts-related issues, we can offer the following services:

  • Acting as Protector of a Trust, wherever it is located;

  • Setting up a Romanian trust-like structure called fiducia;

  • Comparative analysis of various trust structures offered by foreign jurisdictions to indicate the most appropriate one to use under your circumstances.

We look forward to working with you in detail, so that your plans for your wealth are fulfilled and your wishes for the future are respected. Contact us now!

International Estates Monograph

Dr Vlad is the author of the first Romanian monograph on international estates under Regulation 650/2012. You can order it by clicking on the book cover.

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