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Legal implications of COVID-19 in Romania

Romania has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. With a significant elderly population and many human connections with Italy, Spain, France and the UK, the Romanian government has to take drastic measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. These involve curfews, limiting public hours at state institutions, travel bans, as well as very limited court work.

In these uncertain times, the primordial approach should be conserving your valued resources and limiting your losses, so as to be able to bloom once more when the storm has passed.

This is where we come in. Our practical services include:

  • Providing situational updates on Romania's experience of COVID-19. These can be general or specific to an industry, topic or region that is your interest;

  • Offering legal analysis of the measures taken by the Romanian Government to combat the coronavirus pandemic. These range from clear presentations and summaries to in-depth reports on your matters of concern;

  • Instituting emergency court claims to protect your rights and interests. These include securing evidence, commencing or halting enforcement by bailiff, freezing or unfreezing accounts and other practical urgent matters;

  • Representing you in notary work, before Romanian notaries, to arrange your interests in Romania in a non-litigious, practical, efficient manner. Notaries throughout Romania are under an obligation to continue working and we have a long experience in working with such procedures;

  • Obtaining necessary legal documents from Romania, including vital records, copies of court decisions, registration papers, appraisals, baptism certificates, extracts from public registers, as well as the required Apostille, Legalisation and translation for use abroad;

  • Immediate measures on the death of a foreign citizen in Romania. These put to use our experience with funeral services, funeral repatriation to the country of origin, consular work and assistance with the relevant Embassy or Consulate, obtaining approval to enter Romania for the next of kin, securing the accounts and properties of the deceased, preparing the estate / probate process, as well as dealing with the estate itself.

As a Romanian attorney office based in Bucharest, we are under an obligation to continue providing our services throughout the State of Emergency that was proclaimed in Romania, under Emergency Ordinance 29/2020. Therefore, you can rest assured of the continuity of service. While travel outside Bucharest is impractical, we can arrange or recommend colleagues throughout the country for your legal needs.

Contact us confidently!

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