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Dr Ioan-Luca Vlad

A graduate of the Bucharest University Faculty of Law, as well as the Pantheon I Sorbonne University (College Juridique Franco-Roumain), since 2006, Dr Ioan-Luca Vlad has been the legal adviser, then attorney (2009) of the Romanian Royal Family. Dr Vlad has a PhD (2015) in public and private international law, on the topic of "unrecognized states and annexations of territory in international law" dealing with personal and business implications of unrecognized state-like entities.

Since 2014, Dr Vlad has had an on-line presence as part of his individual law office at, and has become an established provider of Romanian vital records, citizenship services and genealogical research. In recent years, Dr Vlad has also been the Romanian National Point of Contact of the European Center for Space Law.

In 2016, and again in 2017-2019, Dr Vlad has undertook, managed and executed two very complex international probate procedures, for Their Late Majesties Queen Anne of Romania and, respectively, King Michael I of Romania. The successful completion of both estates has been a challenge which proved Dr Vlad's experience with all aspects of international estates, including cross-border documentation, Romanian bureaucracy, citizenship issues, interpretation of Wills, registration and tax for land and chattels, import-export of personal goods, estate tax and tax mitigation, as well as other, more specialist, areas of the law (Canon law, titles of nobility). He is a member of the Romanian Royal Council, an advisory body of the Royal Family.

During the last five years, Dr Vlad has also developed the contacts necessary to provide vital records from over 90 jurisdictions across the world, and has helped Romanian public authorities with this expertise, which is now made available to you.

Dr Vlad is an accomplished author and public speaker, who is now available to help you secure your rights in Romania during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as provide continuous Romanian legal expertise and situational updates for clients abroad.

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"Legal Point" no. 33: A lawyer and the Crown (Nov. 2016).
"Common bureaucracy. Simplification instruments" (May 2019)
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