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Romanian Estates

Collecting an inheritance from Romania is nothing like the probate process in Common Law jurisdictions, and is generally a lengthy and bureaucratic process. In order to collect a Romanian estate, whether the person died in Romania or abroad, you can follow one of three paths:

1. Work with a Romanian notary public, if you are the sole heir, or everyone entitled to a share of the inheritance agrees;

2. Work with a European Union notary public or other authority, if the person had their last habitual residence in the EU, within the limits of Regulation (EU) 650/2012;

3. Bring a claim in court, particularly if your claim is disputed or opposed.

Dr Ioan-Luca Vlad has over 10 years' experience in dealing with estates in Romania and abroad. His historical achievement is coordinating, executing and correctly finishing the probate and estate procedures for Their Late Majesties King Michael I and Queen Anne of Romania, something which took a total of three years, and involved authorities from several countries (Romania, Switzerland, France, Greece, the United Kingdom). He also dealt with the interim measures and repatriation of both royals, as well as with organizing the way their estates are currently run. For this, Dr Vlad received the Order of the Romanian Crown in the rank of Commander.

The expertise gathered by Dr Vlad is now available to you. We can provide:

  • Immediate measures upon the death of a person in Romania (liaising with mortuary services, securing key vital records, securing a burial plot);

  • Repatriation services for foreign citizens who die in Romania, and for Romanians abroad (normally by private air services);

  • Ensuring that provisions for military funerals are respected (for example, for persons decorated by the Romanian State);

  • Taking interim measures to secure bank accounts;

  • Preparing the documentation for the estate / probate process;

  • Negotiating with opposing parties, if there is a conflict;

  • Identifying and working with a notary public on your behalf;

  • Drafting, analyzing and signing division agreements and other legal documents;

  • Preparing, submitting and verifying the Inheritance Certificate (which is the key resulting document of an estate in Romania, and proof of your legal title to the assets);

  • Post-certificate work such as registering ownership with the land registry, the local tax authorities, religious institutions such as cemeteries and other entities;

  • Unlocking bank accounts and delivering the proceeds of assets sales;

  • Winding down or selling shares, social parts and other interests of the deceased in companies and NGOs;

  • Setting up administration schemes for the long-term administration of assets in Romania.

The best times to contact Dr Ioan-Luca Vlad for estate work are:

a. Either immediately on the death of someone in Romania, if you do not plan on being present or are prevented by various impediments; or

b. After the funeral, if you would like to take care of the traditional and funerary arrangements yourself.

Please bear in mind that Romania has a full exemption from estate tax if you finish the probate / inheritance procedure within 2 years of death (no exemptions). This is why it's best to start the legal work as soon as possible.

Naturally, Dr Ioan-Luca Vlad is also available for foreign legal practitioners, who would like to cooperate on a cross-border basis for an estate with assets located in Romania, or of a Romanian who died abroad.

Finally, we can help locate the heirs of vacant estates with genealogical and population evidence work.

Contact us now for a personalized free consultation!

International Estates Monograph

Dr Vlad is the author of the first Romanian monograph on international estates under Regulation 650/2012. You can order it by clicking on the book cover.

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