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Expertise in Romanian law

Dr Ioan-Luca Vlad has over 10 years' experience in providing certificates of custom and acting as an expert witness in Romanian law to courts and other public authorities abroad. The areas where most of this work has been required until now are:

  • family law (particularly child protection measures available in Romania);

  • personal identification and civil status (including participating in European reports on name and civil status recognition);

  • Romanian civil procedure (particularly enforcement actions);

  • Romanian legal history (historical legal institutions, such as Romanian inter-provincial law, which continue to have effects - ultra-activate - in legal cases today).

Dr Ioan-Luca Vlad is the author of the Romania: Family and Succession Law Monograph, a part of the International Encyclopedia of Laws.

Using this expertise we can provide efficient, actionable reports for courts, other public authorities, as well as private customers, about Romanian law. These can be supplemented with:

  • case law (practice) summaries;

  • advanced bibliographies on the relevant topics;

  • translations of the relevant materials into English, French or German (legal translation), as well as other languages (through external partners).

As complementary services, we can also provide information such as:

  • monitoring specific court cases;

  • monitoring specific companies, at the Commercial Registry, Bulletin of Insolvency Procedures and in the Official Gazette;

  • monitoring the pronouncements of non-court official bodies in Romania and translating them;

  • tracking legal changes, translating and explaining them.

For all your Romanian legal expertise and advice, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Dr Vlad is the author of the Romania: Family and Succession Law monograph in the International Encyclopedia of Laws.
Access the publisher website by clicking on the picture above.

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